A Message from our President

Dear members,
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. As this new year begins, I am looking forward to being your President for 2015. Let me begin by thanking John Barassi for serving as our President for the past 4 years. John’s love for our club and passion for our Italian heritage are always evident in his day to day life. Congratulations John on a job well done!

December is a busy time around our club and many hands played a roll in making it all happen. First I would like to thank all those who helped decorate our club for the holidays, itlooks beautiful. The decorating took 2 days to complete and many members from both our ladies and mens club lent a hand. Workers on Saturday enjoyed a wonderful lunch prepared by Art Parziale. Our kids Christmas party was a great day enjoyed by all who attended. Many thanks to those who spend so much time throughout the year to make this event so special. Our first birthday dinner, chaired by the Manzone and Nelson families, was enjoyed by all, as wasour family dinner chaired by board member Russel Carrel. Thank you to our dinner chairmen, cooks, wait staff & helpers who worked so hard to make these dinners so successful. A special thank you to women’s club president Lillian Taddei and incoming women’s club president Roz Cantisani for serving at the Board of Directors & Officers dinner, and to Joe Scodella for cooking a wonderful meal that night. As always, members of our ladies club served our members Christmas dinner. Our cooks were Joe Scodella, Angelo Marchi, & Nino Petracca. Many thanks to all of you worked that evening. Those members attending enjoyed a great meal.

Congratulations to John Barassi; He has been selected by our Board of Directors as the 2014 award of merit recipient. John will be honored at our anniversary dinner on January 24. Thanks again John, for your dedication, time, effort, and love you put into the Fratellanza club. Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your encouragement and support as we go forward in 2015.

God Bless & Sempre Avanti
Tim Tomei

83rd Anniversary Dinner

Chair: Past Presidents
Menu: — Shrimp Salad, Ravioli, New York Steak, Baked Potato, Vegetable, Dessert

Cost — $28 – Members $33 – Guests

Music by: George Campi
Don’t miss the Fratellanza Club photo memorabilia display presented by Club Historian Gianfranco Sciacero!
Reservations by Jan. 22nd
510-764-2365 ext 4

Anniversary Dinner flyer

A Message From Our President

Hello members,

2014 has really flown by, and here we are in the Christmas season! We had several wonderful events during November. As always they wouldn’t have been so special without the continued support of our membership. Our first birthday dinner, chaired by John Gotelli, was very enjoyable. The ravioli and roasted chicken dinner was delicious. Many thanks to the cooks, wait staff, and helpers for all their hard work. Our traditional family dinner was a very nice evening as well. Everyone enjoyed the rigatoni and roast beef dinner. Many thanks to chairman and Board member Mike Gengler, the cooks, wait staff, and all the helpers for doing such a great job. I never want to forget our wonderful bartenders and ticket sellers for all their continued work as well! Our second birthday dinner was chaired by the Missaggia family. This has become an annual tradition. Every year when I call Anthony Missaggia and ask him if he will chair the dinner, he always says “it would be an honor and a pleasure”. Comments like that really warm my heart. The special menu of risotto and roast beef was enjoyed by everyone. A big thanks to Anthony and family, the cooks, wait staff, and helpers for all their hard work.

As many of you know, for several new years now the Fratellanza Club has conducted an annual turkey drive during November. It has become a tradition at the club. Once again because of everyone’s generosity we will be donating over $2,000 to the Alameda County Food Bank! How wonderful it is to contribute to feeding those in need during the holiday season! Thanks to everyone, our members and friends, for all your support.

This is the fourth and final year of my term serving you as President. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve the members of the Fratellanza as president. My family and I have been members of this fine club for many years and my father was a past president. I know he would have been proud of his only son being president. I want to thank all the Officers, Board of Directors, and members for all the support and friendship given to me over these last four years. on December 31 I will hand the gavel over to Tim Tomei who will serve as your new President during 2015 and beyond. Tim will be a wonderful president and serve the members well. We will all need to support him as he begins his term. Ladie’s Club President Lillian Taddei will conclude her presidency as well. I will miss sharing the mic with her on so many occasions. She is a dear friend of mine and I love and respect her. She did such a fine job as president. My cousin, Rozz Cantisani, will be succeeding Lillian as the new president. I wish her all the best as well as she begins her wonderful journey. Please continue to give the officers your continued support so that our wonderful club will continue to prosper!

December provides a full calendar of events for our members to enjoy. Please read the Newsletter for complete details regarding the Christmas Brunch, Holiday Family Dinner, Member’s Christmas Dinner, and Gala New Year’s Eve party. And don’t forget, we will celebrate our 83rd Anniversary in January. I hope to see as many of you as possible at the club during the holiday season. Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

John Barassi

Family Dinner Dance

Cocktails 6 pm – Dinner 7 pm Menu — Fratellanza Salad Rigatoni Roast Beef Roasted Potatoes Italian Green Beans Members $23 — Guests $28 Join us for dinner and then dance to the sounds of In Full Swing’s – Milt Bowerman and his Band (An ensemble led by Milt) November Family Dinner Flier 2014

A Message from our President

Hello members,
Cooler weather and falling leaves means Fall has finally arrived. If you were able to attend any events at the club during October, I hope you had an enjoyable time with family and friends. Our first birthday dinner was chaired by Kaipo Young. Kaipo and his late father-in-law, Ron Ciraulo, chaired this dinner for many years. After Ron passed, Kaipo decided to continue the wonderful tradition he established with Ron, and this year was no exception. The menu of rigatoni and pork scaloppini with all the trimmings was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you Kaipo, along with the cooks, wait staff, and helpers for doing such a great job. Thanks also for keeping your family tradition alive! Board member Alex Motta chaired our wonderful Halloween night family dinner. The spaghetti and roasted chicken dinner was enjoyed by everyone. Many thanks to Alex, the cooks, wait staff, and helpers for such a nice evening.

The second birthday dinner was chaired by the Calegari family under the direction of Chris Calegari. The traditional spaghetti and meat ball dinner has become a huge favorite among the members every year. Thanks to the Calegari family, cooks, wait staff, and helpers for keeping such a wonderful tradition alive at the club!

The annual Columbus Day Queen Coronation was held this year at the Fratellanza Club on October 19th. Congratulations to our new queen, Sophia Laxar, and also Princess Brianna Manzone. We hope you enjoy your involvement in the Italian American community during the next year. To outgoing queen Christina Arias we want to congratulate you for doing such an outstanding job during the last year. We hope this experience was very memorable for you and we wish you all the best. Also a big thank you to co-chairmen Chelsea Spencer and Christina Davis for doing such an outstanding job setting up the coronation and the wonderful banquet that everyone enjoyed. Thanks to everyone that helped with this event!I hope to see as many of you as possible at an upcoming event at the club.

With the holiday season coming up, please try to attend a dinner or two at the club and you’ll be enjoying all the festive and beautiful decorations around the club. May you and your family enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving!

John Barassi,