From our President – January 2021

Membri della Fratellanza,
Buon Anno my Friends, I am making a special announcement since we cannot have our Anniversary Dinner at the Club in January; It is that our Award of Merit Winner this year is our most recent past President, Long time Member, long time Board member & Officer, and one who has given his heart to the Fratellanza Club, and is admired by a lot of people, Tim Tomei. Congratulations Tim! Tim will be receiving his handsomely fitted wristwatch at our Board meeting on January 5th. If we are lucky enough to open the club later this year, we will do an acknowledgement in person with Tim following our traditions at the club. So in lieu of the Anniversary Dinner this year, we will be having a Drive-thru Anniversary Dinner. The menu will be Crab Salad, Ravioli with marinara sauce, Roast Beef with vegetables, & Cannoli. I ask for your continued support on our Drive-thou events. I expect no less than 375 Reservations, can you do this for the Fratellanza Club? I have also planned for a Drive-thru Crab Dinner in February; we will be getting the Crab from the same supplier that we had last year (recommended to us by the Ligure Club). We are gearing up to have at least 500 people! Can we expect you to participate in these special events, along with our Drive-thru Lunches?
Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita.
May you be blessed, and God bless you in your lifetime.
Rich Vila

From our Chairman – January 2021

Auguri a miei Fratelli della Fratellanza,
This seems like a good time to summarize how the club is doing financially and I have some good news. First I want to tell you the main reasons why our accounts are in the black.
1. Volunteers have stepped up. With our president leading the way, we have a long list of volunteers who have done a lot of work. We have the cooks and kitchen helpers and the reservation managers. We have the Ligure Club members who are volunteering at the Drive-
Thrus. We have our financial team keeping the books and paying the bills.
2. Members are paying their dues. We are on track to get dues paid similar to years past. This is critical to our success.
3. Members are showing up at the Drive-Thru meals. We have figured out how to run them better and we will publish the dates and menus in advance for the next six months, since it is clear this Covid-19 will be with us for a while.
4. The Ligure Club has stepped up in a big way. Not only are Ligure members volunteering, but the Ligure Club has put our loan payments on hold until we get through this mess.
Here are some financial statistics. These numbers are pretty accurate and you can trust them, but I offer the caveat that they have not been audited.
Our income from April through November 2020 was about
$57,000. Our expenses during that time were about $50,000. Primarily from the Drive-Thru events we kept the club in the black, however we also got donations and some rental income from the PG&E use of our west parking lot.
I think you will agree that the Club is managing its way through this pandemic. We are like many restaurants that are surviving with To Go meals. In addition, we have members who are paying their annual dues which, as you can imagine, is crucial to our success. Let me close with this request. We need our members to pay their dues and we need more people to participate in our Drive-Thru events. The food is good and plentiful and the process is now pretty smooth when you come pick up your order. I look forward to a much better year in 2021. Stay safe and soon I will see you at the club.
Roland Lazzarotto

2021 Dues

Dear members,
November 2020
I hope this message finds all of you maintaining good health & safety. During this Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to keep our club closed to ensure everyone’s safety. We are hoping that when the time is right we can reopen our doors for everyone’s enjoyment.
Maintaining our Italian traditions & continuing to make the memories we cherish, we are hoping we can count on you, our valued members, to pay your 2021 membership dues of $150. In order to keep the doors open to our beloved Fratellanza Club, it is important that we all support our club by paying your 2021 membership dues. This will enable us to become up & running when the time is safe to do so.
On December 12, once again we will have another delicious drive-by dinner of pasta, turkey, & vegetables. If you are able to help us & pay your 2021 dues that day at the club, your drive-by dinner will be free. You can also do this at our January drive-by dinner if you choose, either way your dinner will be free upon 2021 dues payment either of these two events.
We, the Officers and Board, hope we can count on all of you to maintain your club membership so that we can once again enjoy all the good times that our club provides. Thank you for your consideration. We hope all of you have Happy Holidays & may God bless all of you.
Best Regards,
Richard Vila – President Fratellanza Men’s Club

PS – The first quarter of 2021 will see a large number of new Honorary members.

For 2021 dues purposes, this list will be considered Honorary Members: Clair Bailey, Jerry Castro, David Brake, Wolf Hillesheim, Mark Kahn, Gary Macchi, John ‘Dick’ Mayberry, Michael Rosen. Richard Burke. Lonnie Chase, Sam Lico Jr., Aldo Bracciotti, Gernert Lorenzen, Mark Scott, George Figone, George Tarabini, Charles Mossina, Perry Lenzi, Richard Caula, Roland Lazzarotto.

As a reminder, this group became Honorary in 2020 – Patrick Geoghegan, Ezio Maiolini, Lawrence Fambrini, Bob Maloney. James Penna.

Congratulations one & all!!!

In lieu of dues, we ask our Honorary Members to make a $20 donation. However, during these trying times, larger donations will be gladly accepted.

From our Scholarship Committee – November 2020

Members Please Take Note!
As your high school senior begins to assess financial requirements for college. Here’s some information you’ll want them to have: Applications are available and being accepted for the Louis C. Biondi Memorial Scholarship Program. Children or grandchildren of current or deceased members of the Fratellanza Men’s Club who will graduate from high school at the end of the 2020/2021 school year are eligible to apply. This past year, eight scholarships were awarded totaling $12,000. This Program has become a very important component of club sponsored activities and continues to prosper from private donations and proceeds from our very successful annual Scholarship Golf Tournament. Applications detailing requirements are available from the Fratellanza Club’s Web Site and from:
Rich Adams
Scholarship Committee Chairman
2632 Ptarmigan Drive #4
Walnut Creek, CA 94595
The Application process, with all of the information detailed above, must be completed by March 1, 2021. The Application lists all deadline dates.