From our President – July 2020

“Membri della Fratellanza”,
Hope all will be able to have a safe 4th of July this year. Our June 2020 was great for the Club, we had our 2nd Drive thru Dinner with 440 people, then we had our 1st Drive thru Luncheon with over 220 people. Both were a great success for the Fratellanza & Ligure Clubs in helping us to pay our bills. Now for the month of July, we will be having our 2nd Friday Luncheon on July 17th with Salad, Spaghetti & Meatballs. Then on July 25th we will have our 3rd Dinner Drive thru, where we will be having Salad, Rigatoni, & Chicken Cacciatore, with optional Fratellanza Pizza. We will also be serving to go Drinks. For the Luncheon we would like to serve up at least 250 Lunches, while for the Dinner, we would like to have 500 Dinners. Please keep an eye out for the Flyers. Now I want to give a great shout out to Angelo Marchi for all of his support that he has provided to me over the last couple of months from behind the scenes, Thanks Angelo, and I can’t forget also to mention Bob Porta, & Don Nicoli.
In the days & weeks ahead, please stay safe and know the club is trying to keep it together and bring to you what we do best, the Best Food for your enjoyment.
Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita. May you be blessed, and God bless you in your lifetime.
Rich Vila _________________________________________________________________________

From the Chairman of the Board – July 2020

Cari Fratelli e Amici,
The Fratellanza Club is closed and yet there are items to write about. In June we had our second Drive By Dinner and it was a huge success. We learned some things from the one in May and this second one went a lot more smoothly. In June we also saw the Friday Luncheon Committee offer their first Drive By lunch. It was well attended and went very smoothly. It looks like we are going to have two monthly Drive By dining events until the club can open or until the weather gets too nasty to do it. This is good news because the net income from these two well attended events is almost enough to cover our current lower monthly overhead of utilities, property taxes, insurance etc.
I want to thank the Luncheon Committee for their efforts. That group has been working kind of quietly for many years supporting the club by hosting the monthly lunches and then paying for a lot of the kitchen improvements. I also want to thank the Ligure Club. This past Drive By dinner had significant participation by Ligure members both in preparing the meal and in being customers.
I am looking at the calendar for the rest of the year and it is not clear how it will work out. July we will have two Drive by events. The Drive By Lunch will be Friday July 17 and the Drive by Dinner will be Saturday July 25. The rest of July the club will be closed. In August we have plans for a workweekend on the 22nd and 23rd. There are some things that we could do inside and outside that could be accomplished by individuals with masks and socially distanced from each other. I can think of some ceramic tile work and FRP repair in the kitchen. We can always use some minor painting and cleaning. The outdoor bocce court needs some work if we are going to have a multi club tournament in September or October. I am working on a list of minor items that club members can easily do in a day or two. If you can think of something please let me know. If it looks like we will be able to serve dinners in the club this year maybe we can get started with sanitizing the whole building from top to bottom.
Stay safe,
Roland Lazzarotto