From our President – February 2020

“Membri della Fratellanza”,
Ok, here we are now in 2020, how time is marching on. We have had our 1st Birthday dinner hosted by Past President Tim Tomei, where we had Rigatoni pasta, Roast beef, and potatoes with vegetables; Great crowd and great food as well. Cooked by Don, Bob, & Alex.
Our 2nd Birthday dinner we enjoyed our annual Polenta with Stew and sausage, hosted by Anthony Golden, and cooked by Art, Lonnie, & Angelo.
Please note that our Friday luncheon has been pushed back to the fifth Friday of January this year, where we will be having Polenta with beef & sausage stew. A great time to meet with friends and have a solid lunch.
Finally, I want to mention that our Anniversary dinner is on the 25th of January, and I look forward to seeing many members there, where we will be having Gnocchi with pesto sauce, prime rib with shrimp, and vegetables. The Food that we have at the Fratellanza is so fantastic at every meal that I have at the Club; You all have to come to find out, especially with all that you can eat for pricing that is also very reasonable in today’s world.
I almost forgot to mention that our New Years Eve party was also fantastic, even though we only had some 70 people, we sat and enjoyed dinner at 8:00 & didn’t get up to dance until 10:30. I am not kidding you, we talked, ate, & enjoyed each other’s company, while we had Pastina Soup, and enhanced Fratellanza salad, Sliced pork roast steak, with long green beans with mushrooms & garlic, and slices of wedge potatoes sautéed to perfection, if I don’t mind saying, thanks to Art, Carl, & Vito. Rich Vila

From our Board Chairman – February 2020

Ciao Fratelli,
It has been a pleasure serving as the Chairman of the Board of our club. I feel like now, after a few years under my belt, I am starting to get a feel for most of the club’s business activities. I look forward to another year of progress. Let me mix a little business with pleasure. On the work side I want you to think about the little improvements that we can take care of ourselves in a weekend. For many years we have scheduled a weekend where we paint and clean and fix things around the club. We get a lot done, meet some new members and have a feeling of accomplishment. It is usually very easy stuff to do. Please let me know if you have some ideas about what we can tackle. When you see the date published in the newsletter, make a point of putting it on your calendar and then come on down. On the fun side, we are going to start a new bocce league in early February. Everyone is welcome so plan on signing up. A big fun thing coming up at the very end of the year is another New Years Eve party. Those of us who came last month had a great meal and a great time. Half of us were still dancing when the balloons dropped at midnight. This time we will cap the reservations at 100 to keep it a cozy fun affair. See you at the club. Roland Lazzarotto

Men’s Club Newsletter – February 2020

From our President – March 2020

Membri della Fratellanza,
With so many events going on at the Club back in January, I forgot to mention what a great BAGNA CAUDA dinner we had! Over 100 people attended, hosted by Alan & Bob, while the food was prepped by Don, Angelo, & Roger. It was great, and thanks. Now on with the month of February. Our 1st Birthday dinner was to be chaired by Evan Matthews; unfortunately he was rear ended and couldn’t work it. He was shaken up to say the least, so prayers out for Evan, but we had a great dinner cooked by Don, Angelo, & David. We had Fusilli with pesto, and half chicken roasted so tenderly with green beans and potatoes and garlic…. For our 2nd birthday dinner we will be having spaghetti with meat balls and sausage, & will be chaired by Vito, who wears many hats at the club.
We will also be having our pre- paid crab feeds on the 22nd of February and then on the 1st of March; all you can eat, this includes Salad, pasta, wine, & bread, not to mention the CRAB, and we have been able to keep the pricing the same as last year.
Please note that our Friday luncheon is on the 28th of February, we will be having Pesto pasta & corned beef and cabbage. Please make it a point to come to at least one event a month at the Fratellanza Club, we need to fill our seats for the great value that we provide.
Rich Vila

From our Board Chairman – March 2020

Ciao Cari Fratelli,
We have two crab feeds coming up that usually get a great turnout. I have been to other crab feeds and ours is hard to beat. A big turnout is important since these dinners are our most important money making events and it is easy to promote them. Please bring a friend.
I was thinking about the long term success of our club yesterday and a couple of questions came to mind. What is the purpose of our club? What will our legacy be? Why is it that 10% of the people in every organization do 90% of the work? I have found it very rewarding to work at the club. I have met a lot of very good people and I enjoy promoting Italy and our Italian-American heritage. I ask you to tell me what you think the purpose of our club is. Tell me what you think our legacy should be. I love a good conversation, either in English o anche possiamo parlare in Italiano.
One more thing. The work weekend this year will be August 22 and 23. Put it on your calendar and plan for a rewarding day. We will discuss it more as we get closer to August.
Your chairman,
Roland Lazzarotto

Men’s Club Newsletter – March 2020