From our President – July 2022

“Membri della Fratellanza”,

As we start July, I want to give thanks to all for the great month of June with our first birthday Dinner, family dinner & Drive thru Luncheon.

For July the Board has approved having our traditional 2nd Birthday Dinner.

On July 7th with Pat Geoghegan chairing our 1st Birthday dinner, the menu will be Frat Salad, Fettuccini w/Meat Sauce, Beef Scaloppini, Vegetables & Ice Cream.

Our 2nd Birthday dinner on July 21st will have yours truly Rich Vila & Sina Nicoletti chairing. We will be serving Crab salad, Ravioli w/Marinara sauce, Roast Beef, Green Beans & Roasted Potatoes & Ice Cream.

On July 22nd we’ll have our drive thru luncheon with our Frat Salad, Tortellini w/Pesto, chicken, & vegetables.

I want to ask our Membership the following as we move forward trying to normalize things down at the Club:
1) we need members to start showing up and participating on a regular basis
2) we need you to bring a friend or relative with you to become a member

Our membership has dropped down to around 380 and we need to be above five hundred. We need this from our members for the Fratellanza to survive, Can I have your support in this?

Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita.
May you be blessed, and God bless you in your lifetime.

Rich Vila

From Our Board Chairman – July 2022

Ciao Cari Amici della Fratellanza, Non voglio dimenticare come parlare Italiano, percio bisogna che parlo ogni giorno un poco. Ma credo che questa idea non e practico per scrivere a voi tutti.

Ok, so I can’t write to you in Italian but I am always looking for ways to express our common Italian culture. I have been looking at the photos I took in Italy last month & I want to go back soon.

Here is some news from the Club. We are going to have a work weekend in August on the 13th & 14th. Rick Nichelman got a head start this month when he cleaned up & repainted the ice machine room by himself. Thanks to Rick for getting us started.

Next month I will publish a list of work weekend tasks & I am sure you will see something you can do. Anyone can pull weeds in our parking lots, wash our supply of back up dinner plates, clean up the bocce court & wash some windows… You get the idea. Simple stuff that is fun if you do it with some other members. While thanking members for their contributions to the club, I think I need to thank Gianfranco every month. He has been bartending every Wednesday, receiving deliveries, restocking the bars & more. But you all know that he would be our club MVP if we had to vote.

I am not going to surprise you when I say that we have been hit by inflation. We need our bar & dinner revenue to keep the club going. Our attendance has not been high enough. Look forward to new pricing come January.

The good news is that the Luncheon Committee has been going strong. Their Friday lunch events are pretty well attended & they plan to keep them going, maybe forever. They also want to open up the dining room for indoor socializing. Look for that to happen in September. They have come up with some new very tasty menus. Look for that information to be published soon.

I want to recognize the luncheon committee for all they do. For many years they have been preparing & serving a Friday lunch without any compensation. The team of cooks, servers, & helpers takes pleasure in working together & growing old gracefully, having started as kids & now they are teenagers.

Two more items: we have club elections every Fall. Now is the time to think about running for the Board or an officer position. If you have questions about that please contact me.

Finally, the State of California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Commission has a new requirement for our waiters to have a permit for serving wine. All of us with a food handling permit will have to add one for serving alcohol. Maybe there is some practice involved which would not be the worst thing.

Arrivederci a tutti,
Roland Lazzorato

IAF Queen Contest – June 2022

The Italian American Federation of the East Bay is currently accepting applications for our Queen contest for 2022 / 2023. Any interested young lady can receive an application from Ron Blair of the Italian American Federation by calling 925 819-2945, or contact his email at

We are currently scheduled to have our Queen contest on July 23rd, however, this year we are also offering to video tape interested candidates for Queen or Princess by special arrangement.

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns to Ron at anytime and an application will be immediately sent. The only requirement is that each and every young lady interested must be sponsored by any of the Clubs currently in the Italian American Federation of the East Bay.