A Message From our President

Hello members,

This month starts with a recap of the Oakland A’s Italian night August 25. Over 100 Fratellanza members & friends joined many from other clubs to enjoy a great evening at the Coliseum. We all celebrated our Italian heritage & culture. The A’s do a fantastic job with this event. As usual, in the 3rd inning, the Fratellanza’s own Joe Scodella did the announcing, in Italian of course. Great job Joe. A big thank you to John Barassi for handling the ticket sales once again. Thanks also to Ashley Carrillo of the A’s and the Oakland A’s for putting on this wonderful event.

Our first birthday dinner was another great night at the club. Our cooks, Art Parziale, Evan Matthews, & Alfonso DePianto, did a fantastic job. Our wait staff was fantastic, & our bartenders were busy making sure we were well taken care of. Thank you all.

Our family dinner was our annual “Italian Night”. Now every night is Italian night at the Fratellanza Club, but on this night we all sang Italian songs, led by our own Gianfranco Sciacero. We played some Italian Trivia, and had a great time with family and friends. As we do every year, the men’s and women’s clubs co -host this event. I would like to thank women’s club president Marilyn Sibitz & the women’s club for their help with making this event the fun night that it always is. Before dinner George Campi strolled the room playing our favorite Italian songs on his accordion, and we danced to the George Campi band after dinner. Thank you George. Our meal was fantastic. A big thank you to our cooks, Art Parziale, Michele Gasparro and Alfonso DePianto. Thanks to Rich & Mary Ann Giaramita for the decorations and thank you to all who set up on Friday, the club looked fantastic! And to all of you that donated raffle prices for the evening, your generosity is truly appreciated. This really was a great evening. Mark your calendars for 2018. You don’t want to miss out on this next year.

The Lico/Vila families chaired our second birthday dinner. 1st Vice President Rich Vila picked our menu of polenta & rabbit. Thank you to our cooks, Michele Gasparro, Don Nicoli & Lonnie Chase. Great job guys. Everyone really enjoyed the dinner.

I would live to give a special thank you to our Sargent at arms, Sal Lorino. Sal worked the 3-club picnic, as he does every year. Thank you Sal.
As always, thank you to our bartenders, wait staff, & ticket sellers, who make all of our dinners & events a success.

God Bless & Sempre Avanti

Tim Tomei

St Columba Memorabilia Wanted!

Did you family live in Emeryville when it was predominately Italian?

Did your Nona go to St Columba Catholic Church?

St Columba will be celebrating its 120th anniversary next year, and in preparation for the festivities we are looking for photos and documents from approximately 1906-1970 to illustrate the Italian era.  We are looking for wedding, baptism, confirmation & neighborhood photos to illustrate a timeline.  Your documents will be scanned and immediately returned to you.  Be assured, we will treat them with the care and respect they deserve.  PLEASE search your files and boxes and see what you can come up with!  Gratzie!

Please contact  Claudia Albano at (510) 773-0326 or Claudia.albano@acgov.org for more information!

A message from our President

Our first birthday dinner was chaired by Ron Blair. We had a traditional Italian meal of Pasta, Sausages & Peppers. Thank you to our cooks Michele Gasparro, Angelo Marchi, & Alfonso DePianto. It was a great meal. Our wait staff, headed by Sally Accurso, did a great job getting us all served.

Our family dinner was another fun evening at the Fratellanza. The teamjersey theme was the idea of our dinner chairman, Bob Porta. There were many teams represented; I was especially happy to see all the Cal Tee shirts and Jerseys. Go Bears. Bob Porta led the group in Sports Trivia. He had questions for Adults and kids. It was a lot of fun. We had a fantastic meal of Ravioli & Chicken. Thank you to our cooks Art Parziale, Michele Gasparro, & Evan Matthews, Great job. Bob, Sally and the wait staff did a great job of getting us all served. This was a very fun evening. If you weren’t there, you missed a great time!

Sunday August 13 was the 3 club Italian Picnic. I would like to thank Michele Gasparro, Evan Matthews & Angelo Marchi for their help and support of this event.

Our 2nd Birthday dinner was chaired by Pat Geoghan. As usual, Pat and crew did a wonderful job of getting us served. We had a delicious meal. Thank you to our cooks, Art Parziale, Evan Matthews & Lonnie Chase. Great job guys.

As always, thank you to our bartenders, wait staff, & ticket sellers, who make all our dinners & events a success.

Our annual “Italian night” will be September 16. This is a great evening. We sing songs play a little Italian Trivia, and maybe a surprise or two. You don’t want to miss this, so mark your calendars, and get your reservations in, either by e-mail at fratreservations@sbcglobal.net or call 510-764-2365 ext. 3. I hope to see you there.

God Bless & Sempre Avanti

Tim Tomei