From Our President – November 2022

“Membri della Fratellanza”,
“Dolcetto O Scherzetto”, as we finish October & what a busy month this was for the Club. Thanks to all who helped & all those that enjoyed. This is a team effort & the bigger the team the better we will be. To remind you we are having our elections this coming Tuesday the 1st of November & we would like as many members as possible attend our meeting to enjoy Spuntino & cast your votes for a New President. I am endorsing my 1st Vice President for the last 4 years & a person that has held many board & officer positions over the years, Ron Blair. Hoping to see members there that I haven’t seen recently.

Our 1st Birthday dinner is on the 3rd of November & is being chaired by Danny Patterson. He has chosen to have Frat Salad, Rigatoni with Meat sauce, Beef Scaloppini, Vegetables & dessert.

The 2nd Birthday dinner is on the 17th of November, chaired by the Board. We will be having Frat Salad, Ravioli, & Roast Beef, vegetables, & dessert. Our Friday Luncheon on the 18th of November is a Drive Thru & they will be having Salad, Pasta with Meat Sauce, & Sausage & Peppers.

We continue to have a lot going on at the Club & I continue to ask for your support. Please try to make it this coming month to enjoy our food & people.

Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita.
May you be blessed & God bless you in your lifetime.
Rich Vila

From our Chairman – November 2022

Ciao Cari Amici,
November is when the holiday season gets into full swing. We had the Coronation of the Queen last week at our club & the Ladies polenta dinner, which always signifies it is Fall. Now we will get Halloween, Thanksgiving & the rest of the major holidays. The bocce league is in full swing, having had the first spuntino, which went very well. We have some new volunteers running the league & the meals & as you can imagine, it is running very smoothly. Fall is also bringing Stanley Tucci’s next season in Italy to the TV. It makes me want to see the whole country.

November brings our Men’s Club’s election. Please come on November 1st & vote for either Ron Blair or Russel Carrel for president. For all of the other positions, the candidates are running unopposed. Part of our busy season is a Car Show that was held at the club last Sunday.

I am looking ahead to more great indoor meals & Friday Drive Thru Luncheons at the club. The leaves on the trees are turning orange at my house & before you know it they will be gone.

I hope you can get together with family, friends this Thanksgiving & share stories when you come back to the Club.

Roland Lazzarotto

A Note from Ron – October 2022

I would like to extend thanks to BobPorta, Tony Jeffrey & Anthony Golden for all their help in promoting this years car show event. For all those who participated it was a huge success & I want to do this every year as we get backon track.

The food was outstanding, fried bologna sandwiches ala Bob Porta with fried bologna, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & either tatter tots or potato chips in the sandwich. Or our burgers with sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, bacon & onion rings in the burger & of course there was a generous selection on canned beer to choose from.

The cars were killer & we know next year will be even greater. Thank you to all who participated and look for our announcement next year.

Ron Blair