A Message from our President

Hello Members,

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 2016 is off and running at the Fratellanza Club. We started with taking down and putting away all the Christmas decorations. Not a small job. Thanks to Lillian, Vera, Rose Marie, Rich, Steve & Kathryn, Loretta, Elena, Mary, Josie, Susan, Shirley, Sante, Marilyn & Michael. We could always use more help with setting up and taking down the decorations. I will update you on those dates when the time comes.

Cole Pricco & Tyler Tomei chaired our first birthday dinner. Over 300 guests enjoyed Risotto & Roasted Chicken. Thank you to our cooks, Joe Scodella, Angelo Marchi, & Don Nicoli. Thanks again Cole & Tyler.

January 23 we celebrated the Fratellanza Club’s 84th anniversary. Our club looked wonderful with the flowers, decorations, & the unveiling of our new Fratellanza club banner. Thank you to our women’s club and all who helped set up for this event. Our dinner was delicious. Thank you to our cooks, Michele Gasparro, Alfonso De Pianto & Don Nicole. We ended the festivities by recognizing our award of merit recipient Joe Scodella. Congratulations Joe for a well deserved honor! Thank you to our Bartenders, Sante Missaggia, John Ciarabellini, & Anthony Golden. Our waiters were Fantastic; Thanks to all of you! The Fratellanza History exhibit in the bocce alley was, as always, very impressive. A big thank you to Gianfranco Sciacero for this labor of love. I would also like to Thank Jim Tadddei for handling the reservations and tickets. Big thanks go to Rich Giaramita for the many hours he puts in to making this event a success. Your time and efforts are truly appreciated. Thanks Rich.

As always, a big thank you goes to all our Bartenders, Waiters, Ticket sellers, Kitchen workers, and all who help to make our events a success. Thank you all.

I will report on the Bagna Cauda Dinner in next months newsletter. God Bless & Sempre Avanti,

Tim Tomei

A Message from our President

Hello members,

The club looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas. Thanks to our decorating crew, Rich & Mary Ann, Gianfranco, Jim, Tyler, Vera, Lillian, Rose Marie, Marilyn & Mike, Sante, Loretta, Joan & Keith, John & Patty, Diane, Linda, Nancy, Steve & Kathryn, Art, Francesca, and Josie. Thank you all for giving of your time to make our club look so nice.

Our first birthday dinner, chaired by the Nelson family, featured the always popular Ravioli and Roast Beef. We had 350 guests and the wait staff did a great job in getting us all served. Thank you to our cooks, Joe Scodella, Angelo Marchi, & Don Nicole.

200 guests enjoyed our annual Christmas brunch. A big thank you to Art, Michele, Angelo, Evan, Sante, Rich, Mary Ann, Vera, Gianfranco, Claire, Rich, Elena, Loretta, Sally, Gloria, Joanne, Diane, Rose Marie, Melinda, Joan, Keith, Francesa, & John, for the hard work and time they all put in to make this event a success. Thanks again to all of you.

The December family dinner was a wonderful holiday gathering. Our guests enjoyed our dinner chairman Russel Carrel’s traditional Minestrone soup & roast beef dinner. Thank you to our cooks, Michele Gasparro & Dino DePianto.

The next day was our children’s Christmas Party. There were many smiling faces as Santa handed out the gifts. I would like to thank Santa & his many elves, Vera, Gianfranco, Rose Marie, Loretta, Lillian, Melinda, Diane, Irma, Rich, Mary Ann, Sal, Josie, Keith, Joan, Adriana, Marilyn, John, Elena, Francesa, Bill, Tyler, Joan & Ralph. Many people make the event happen.

Hopefully I have not left anyone out, if I did please accept my apologies, and to all accept my sincere gratitude.

We capped off December with our annual Members dinner. Our meal was fantastic; Thank you to our cooks, Art Parziale, Alfonso & Dino DePianto, Also to our ticket team of Dan Marshall & Ron Blair. A big thank you to our Womens Club for waiting tables for us. You all did a great job. Bob Porta ran one of his famous 50/50 raffles. Evan Matthews had the winning number & spilt the pot with the club. The highlight of the evening was announcing our Award of Merit recipient, Joe Scodella. Congratulations Joe!

On a personal note, I would like to thank the officers, board of directors, you the members, & our wonderful women’s club, for your help, encouragement, & support this past year.

I hope to see you at the club next year. Come and celebrate the Fratellanza Club’s 84th Anniversary on January 23. It will be a great evening.

Once again, Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo.

God Bless & Sempre Avanti,

Tim Tomei

A Message from our President

Dear Members,

We started November with 350 plus guests at our first birthday dinner. Thank you to Robert Petri & Roger Laurel for chairing the dinner and our cooks, Joe Scodella, Angelo Marchi & Evan Matthews. The Italian Pot Roast was terrific.

Our family dinner was our big band night. We enjoyed a delicious meal thanks to our cooks, Art Parziale & Michele Gasparro. After dinner we danced to the sounds of “In Full Swing”. The music was fantastic. Look for this event next year; you won’t want to miss it.

Our second birthday dinner, chaired by Anthony Missaggia & family, was fantastic. 410 guests enjoyed a tasty meal of ravioli & roast beef. Thank you to our cooks, Michele Gasparro, Dino DePianto & Don Nicoli. Our bartenders were busy; Thank you to Rich Giramita, Sante Missaggia, Bruno Andrina & John Ciarabellini. I would also like to thank our ticket sellers, Dan Marshall, his wife Helen, & Jim Taddei, for getting everyone seated. Thanks also to Bob Porta, Rich Vila & John Barassi. Your efforts helped make this dinner a success. I would also like to thank Ron Fadelli, Anthony Crudele & our friends from Berkeley Cement for their support & generosity.

A special thank you to all who donated to our annual turkey drive. Started by past president Art Parziale, we collect donations at all 3 dinners and the members meeting in the month of November. Because of your generosity, the Fratellanza Club was able to write a check in the amount of $3,500 to the Alameda County Food Bank. Thanks again for making a difference in the lives of many this holiday season.

2016 Dues are now payable. You can pay by check, (please write dues in the memo space on your check) or you can pay by credit card at the club. Let’s try to have our dues in early this year. As the holidays approach I wish you all, Buona Festa, Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo.

God Bless & Sempre Avanti,

Tim Tomei