From our President – August 2020

“Membri della Fratellanza”,
As we usher in the Month of August, I want to let you know that we had in person our 1st Board meeting since March of this year. We conducted it out in the parking lot of the Club, with our masks, and maintained our 6 feet apart from one another. Temperatures were checked, and we conducted our business while being with everyone, which was nice instead of either doing a Zoom meeting or telephone conference. We discussed how the Drive Thru Lunch and Dinner went for the club, and how we have them schedule for the rest of 2020, and what preparations we need to do for during the rain & cold weather. Also discussed was our working together with the Ligure Club on the Lunch & Dinner Operations between both clubs and members of the Clubs. I have to say it has been good, and this pandemic has allowed us to get to know each other a little better under the circumstances, which I am grateful for.
I was informed this week by Evan Matthews that he is resigning as our Recording Secretary effective immediately due to his “demolished spine”, for which he has had an operation to try and repair it, will keep you updated on his condition. But in the meantime, I am looking for someone to volunteer to be our Recording Secretary, please contact me if you are interested in doing this.
8/22/2020 is our Dinner, & 8/28/2020 is our Lunch, I ask that you please do what you can to support the Club, bills need to get paid.
In the days & weeks ahead, please stay safe and know the club is trying to keep it together and bring to you what we do best, the Best Food for your enjoyment.
Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita. May you be blessed, and God bless you in your lifetime.
Rich Vila

From the Chairman – August 2020

Cari Fratelli e Amici,
Many of you have been driving by the club to pick up a lunch or dinner and it is keeping the club alive. Thank you. You may have seen an article in the SF Chronicle recently that pointed out how restaurants are struggling. I saw the line “like every restaurant in the country, we are just working toward the break-even point” and I thought that this applies to us too. I heard that half or more of the restaurants in the country will be gone this year. This situation will not change until we get a vaccine and a lot of people get their shot. In the mean time I really appreciate the teamwork that has developed with the Ligure Club. We are getting enough drive thru business to almost cover our basic monthly overhead, so please continue to support us. Here is our planned drive by calendar for the rest of this year:
August Dinner is August 22nd. August Lunch the August 28th.
September Dinner is September 19th. September Lunch is the September 25th.
October Dinner is October 17th. October Lunch is October 23rd.
November Dinner is November 14th. November Lunch is November 20th. December Dinner is December 12th. December Lunch is December 18th.
The workweekend that we have been planning for August is cancelled. We are going to have our Drive Thru Dinner that Saturday instead.
And to end with some good news. One of our hardworking members, Vito Muscardin, has come by the club several times in the past two months and has removed all of our weeds at the parking lots and outdoor bocce court. I have been watering our garden regularly and the trees are very healthy. When we get back to normal you should take a look and see what a nice outdoor place we have created.
Stay safe,
Roland Lazzarotto

From the Scholarship Committee – August 2020

Dear Members & Friends,
On Tuesday, July 28th members of the Golf Committee met via Phone Conferencing to discuss the Fratellanza’s Scheduled Scholarship Golf Tournament for 2020. After much discussion focusing on present conditions regarding the Pandemic; it’s containment and end does not bode well for us to continue to pursue plans for this activity. The Committee has determined and recommends to the Board of Directors that the Tournament be rescheduled for July 25, 2021. This will not impact in a negative way our ability to continue to offer Academic Scholarships to children and grandchildren of our members. The application process will not be impacted by this decision as funds are in the account which will enable the continuation of this worthwhile program for the 2021 school year.
Tax deductible donations are always welcome. Checks can be sent to the club and should be payable to Fratellanza Scholars INC.
Thank you,
Fratellanza Scholarship Committee

From the Reservation Team – August 2020

Note on Reservations:
Last month we moved the Luncheon reservations away from the Club phone number to our reservation voice and email boxes that we have been using for our dinners. Overall this worked out well but we did have some confusion when orders for both events were combined in a single email. We prefer to received your orders via email but please send a separate email for each event.
Your continued support is much appreciated, You Reservation Team