Let’s finish the Fratellanza Garden

We now have a nice new parking lot on our west side and we have a natural redwood fence that defines a garden area. Part of that garden still looks like a construction site but there is no reason we can’t make it great again. The preparation work is done. We can now import some topsoil for the new planter that will wrap around three sides and more decomposed granite paving to enlarge the central walking surface. We already have a lot of benches. We have plaques out there that memorialize individuals who made big contributions and now it is our turn. I think we can come up with donations to cover the installation of new plants. There is a great tradition of the Italian Garden and we have a chance to continue it here. Let’s start with cypress trees, olive trees, some fruit trees and some vines. We have a wisteria but we could add another along with a bougainvillea. We have a rosemary shrub but we could add more along with oregano and other herbs. We can have flowers too. I volunteer to contribute for the Lazzarotto Family Fig Tree. I welcome others to sponsor a tree or plant. Once we get them all purchased I am sure we can get volunteer members to plant them some nice Saturday morning. Maybe we’ll break for lunch and our cooks will provide a tasty Italian lunch.

Once we have the garden planted we can figure out how to get some decorative lights up. This garden will be a very nice space to hang out for us and for outside events at the club. Send me your thoughts and let me know how you can contribute.

Roland Lazzarotto