A Message from our President

Hello members,
2018 Wow. With a new year comes a couple of changes. Our members meetings are now the first Tuesday of the month. Spuntino is at 6pm and the meeting starts at 7pm. All Thursday birthday dinners start at 7pm. We have also been asked to get the newsletter out sooner. To help, the president’s article will only cover half the month. I will re cap the 2nd half of the month at the beginning of the next month’s article.

January began with our members meeting on its new day, the first Tuesday of the month. We had quite a crowd. Thanks to all who attended. Thanks go to Angelo, Art & Sal for a great spuntino and Rich & Gianfranco for getting the bar open. Great job guys. Two days later was our first Birthday dinner. Over 200 guests enjoyed a good time with friends and family and a great meal, and our new start time of 7pm. Our cooks, Art Parziale & Angelo did a great job. Delicious. Thanks guys.

As always, thank you to our bartenders, wait staff, & ticket sellers, who make all our dinner & events a success.
God Bless & Sempre Avanti,
Tim Tomei