A Message From our President

Hello members,
October continued with our Halloween family dinner dance. Our chairpersons, Roland & Becky Lazzarotto did a great job. They had activities for the kids, managed the costume contest & the ever popular build your own sundae desert. Dinner was terrific. Thank you to our cooks, Art Parziale & Evan Matthews. This is a fun evening; you’ll want to mark your calendar for next year.

October 18 was our annual spaghetti w/ meatball & sausages dinner. Thank you to our dinner chairman, Jack Thornton and crew for a great job getting us all served. Our dinner was delicious. Did I mention we had garlic bread? We did, and again, delicious. Great job by our cooks, Don Nicole, Angelo Marchi, & Lonnie Chase. Thanks guys, it was great.

November began with our first birthday dinner. We had a great meal. Italian Pot Roast is one of my favorites. Our cooks, Art Parziale, Angelo Marchi & Evan Matthews did a fantastic job. Thank you to our dinner chairmen, Roger Laurel & Robert Petri. Thanks also to Roger Laurel for hanging our nations armed service flags in the dining room and ballroom.

In November, in honor of Veterans Day, we celebrate & thank our veterans & those in active service for our country.

Those of you who missed our November family dinner really missed a wonderful evening. Our dinner was delicious. The Ravioli were great and the chicken, Wow! Great job and a big thank you to our cooks Michele Gasparo & Angelo Marchi. After dinner we listened and danced to the Big band music of In Full Swing. Sentimental Journey, Moon Glow, Moonlight Serenade, were among the great songs that night. This was truly a nice night.

As always, thank you to our bartenders, wait staff & ticket sellers who make all our dinners & events a success.

It has been my honor & privilege to serve as President of the Fratellanza club. I would like to thank you for your support, encouragement, & kindness these past four years. Together we accomplished much. We moved our members meetings to the 1st Tuesday of the month. Our Thursday birthday dinners now start at 7pm. We have completed the back garden project. We purchased new chairs. We paved, striped & fenced our back parking lot, just to name a few.

We continue to make improvement in all areas of the club. How can you help? The easiest way to help is to come to our dinners & events. For example, our family dinners are a lot of fun & of course the food is delicious. Get your family & friends together and join us. Another way to help is to wait tables. Waiting tables is a fun & easy way to give back to the club while at the same time getting too know other members & guests. You can talk to me or just ask any waiter, they will put you in contact with the right person.

The Fratellanza Club is your club. It’s where our parents came. Its where are grandparents came. It’s where, as kids, we came to see Santa & where today we watch as our children & grandchildren do the same. It’s were wedding receptions, anniversaries, & birthday parties are held. It’s where we go with family & friends to have a great time & a great meal. It’s a place that holds fond memories & awaits our return to make new ones. It’s a place that reminds us of our family, heritage & traditions.

It’s a place worth coming back to & continuing our history.

See you at the Fratellanza Club.

God Bless & Sempre Avanti,
Tim Tomei