From the Chairman of the Board – November 2019

Cari Fratelli,
There has been a lot of activity at the Club in the past month. We have had some great meals, some outside memorial events and now the holiday season is upon us. You have heard about all of the construction at the club. The big roofing job over the dining room is essentially done. We are now protected by a first class single ply commercial roof. We also have new hardware on our front entry doors and the hardware at the dining room exits will be completed very soon. The 4th roll down fire door will in fact be the last big item to get completed. The crew showed up a week ago but found the conditions different than they had planned so it will be rescheduled.
We have made a lot of progress in 2019 but rather than look back I want to look forward. We will have the annual Children’s Christmas Party on December 15, a free member’s dinner and we are going to close out this year with a big dinner dance on New Year’s Eve. We brought back the tradition last year and those in attendance had a great time. I hope the word of mouth recommendations will bring even more people this year. This is the event that prior generations looked forward to as one of the big parties of the year. Even though times have changed, I think we can still party like it’s 1999. Look for details in the newsletter and fliers. I plan to see you there.
Roland Lazzarotto