From our President – December 2019

Membri della Fratellanza,
November has started off with our removing of the roof over the dining hall with just a few surprises, like extensive dry rot, due to having multiple layers of roofing over the building. Then something really strange was the discovery of conduits that had been run and laid on the plywood and roofed over and within the roofing! Needless to say we cut right thru those conduits, causing us to loose the lighting in the dining room. We were able to get it fully rewired and operational for the 1st Birthday Dinner, which I will mention shortly. Then we encountered, or I didn’t allow for, the new roofing having tapered insulation on the high end which was about 9.5” tall, which caused interference with the existing main electrical feed, a 2.5” conduit. After some creative thinking with my electrician, we were able to raise it without having to shut the power down on Friday the 8th. We were able to roll the conduit up, from the bend going down to the bend going up, giving us enough clearance for our roofing warranty and saving us a lot of time and money. By not having to take apart and put it back together a whole day’s job was cut down to 2.5 hours. But all this added work did cause us to spend more money and we have the need to ask for those that haven’t given to the Fratellanza, the time to do so is NOW if you will please, thanks.
Our 1st Birthday dinner was another smash hit with our Veteran’s tribute and our menu of Tortellini with Pesto, Pork roast, potatoes, and apple sauce. The 300 people attending loved this dinner. A shout out to our dinner chairs Roger and Alex, along with our head Chef Don, and his assistants Angelo and Carl. Great Job!
Our Family dinner chaired by the John Pelosi family was very nice with Ravioli, Chicken Marbella, & Its-It ice cream. John prepped the chicken with his special marinade. allowing Michele and Angelo plenty of time to provide us with another great meal at the club.
The 2nd chaired by Anthony Missaggia and family, which he has been doing for several years now, with their standard of Ravioli, Roast beef, potatoes and green beans. Don’t miss out on this and I hope that all will have a Great Thanksgiving this year.
Lastly, the Fratellanza will be having a New Year’s Eve Party again this year; Please see the included flyer for all the details.
Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita.
May you be blessed, and God bless you in your lifetime.
Rich Vila