From the Chairman of the Board – November 2019

Cari Fratelli,
I just got back from two weeks driving around greater New
England. The Fall colors were not at their peak but still pretty cool. I want to go back to a great September dinner at the Frat when we had the Italian Night. As usual the food was very good but I want to comment on the sing along that Gianfranco organized for us. He gets the lyrics printed on a sheet placed under each diner’s plate. At a couple of breaks in the dinner he starts the music and we all sing. Some songs were in English and some in Italian. This time he brought out a couple of songs that he says are famous but I never heard my grandmother sing them. The good news is that we did not sing Quel Mazzolin di Fiori because that is one that my Nonna sang frequently. I can’t hear it without thinking about her and every time my eyes get watery (as they are now). My grandmother loved to sing that song and there are probably songs you remember from your family gatherings. These experiences at the Club are what make the club great. Thanks to Gianfranco and George Campi and the rest of the team that put together a great dinner.
Our dining room roof project is still in the works and while we have received donations from many, we can always use more. The request was for $50 from each member but some have done more. You can send a check in the mail or all forms of payment will be accepted if you come to one of our dinners.
When you see me at the club ask me about my recent days in the Hamptons and meeting Chris Cuomo at breakfast.
Roland Lazzarotto