From the Chairman of the Board – October 2019

Hello Fratellanza Brothers,
The word is out and I hear people talking about the money we need for our roofing and other improvements. The Health Department work is done and we will be inspected very soon to confirm. The Fire Marshal inspection will have to be pushed to October because we still have a couple of corrections to complete. It is the roofing work that is going to cost a lot of money. Maybe it will use all of the cash we have in our operating accounts. We have a plan to fully pay for it with donations and no interest loans. We will get a new roof over the dining room before the rainy season. I will say that I am very impressed with the cooperative attitude I am seeing from the Ladies Club and the Ligure Club. I think that a lot of them will be donating funds to help us through these tough times. I want all of the Fratellanza Family to remember how well we were treated by the Ladies and our friends at the Ligure Club.
Please keep coming to our great dinners, the Friday Luncheons and other events at the club. The Fall starts a season of special events at the club. See you there.
Roland Lazzarotto