From the Chairman of the Board – September 2019

Cari Fratelli,
School has started and summer is over for the kids. I think that the rest of us can now look forward to a couple of the best months of the year for East Bay weather. I am sitting here with an ice coffee thinking about the Fratellanza Club and it occurs to me that there is a lot of information that the old timers take for granted and the new members don’t have any idea. So for all of the new and young members and their wives, here is some important information. Attending one of the club dinners on a regular basis is critical for the success of the club. In the old days, long before my time, the Fratellanza Club was the center of social life for members. All of the East Bay Italian clubs coordinated their calendars so there would be no conflicts for regular dinners and people could count on a dinner being on a set schedule. We have tried to stick with that but times have changed and sometimes our schedule has changed. Let me tell you how it should be. On the first Thursday of the month there is a members birthday dinner for men and their guests. On the third Thursday of the month there is a members dinner where guests can be men and women. On the second Saturday of the month there is a family dinner where kids are encouraged to come with their parents and often there is dancing after dinner. This month happens to be one of those that does not follow the old calendar. Our family dinner on August 25 will be a Sunday Spaghetti and Meat balls special with a starting dinner time of 4:00. Please give it a try. It was very good when we had the first one a few months ago.
Ciao e voglio verdere tutti voialtri al club
Roland Lazzarotto