From our President – September 2019

“Membri di Fratellanza”,
August started on the 1st and it was our 1st Birthday dinner of the month. Food was prepared and cooked by Don, Angelo, & Carl, while it was chaired by our 1st Vice President Ron Blair. We had Fratellanza Salad, Pasta with meat sauce, & Chicken Cordon Bleu, with Sherbet for dessert. This was a hit for the many folks that attended.
The 2nd Birthday dinner will be chaired by Pat Geoghegan, with food being prepared by Michelle, Lonnie & Alphonso; We will be having Fratellanza salad, Fettucine w/meat sauce & Beef Scaloppini. This will be another fantastic event and meal for all. Our Friday luncheon will be on the 23rd of August, and we will be having Pesto Tortellini & Chicken Cacciatore. The special event for the month of August at the club will be our Spaghetti & Meat balls with sausage on Sunday the 25th, where we have flown in George Campi to play for us and celebrate his 75th Birthday. This dinner is at a special time, being served at 4:00, knowing that families want to get home early to prepare for school, work, and or both, and I would like to have at least 300 people at this event, so please pass the word and make plans to come.
One last item, regarding Club expenses this year, we got hit hard with the Health Department and Fire Department Inspections, along with our need to put a new roof over the Dining Hall. I have reached out to our Ladies Social Club and the Ligure Club for financial assistance in helping to pay for these necessary expenses. Now I am asking the Members of the Club to come forward with a minimum donation for the Roof Repairs of $50 per person which will help relieve our indebtedness as we move forward. Please see the enclosed letter for more details, thank you!
Che tu sia benedetto e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita.
May you be blessed, and God bless you in your lifetime.
Rich Vila