From the Chairman – October 2020

Happy Fall Greetings to members,
We have settled into a nice pattern with two Drive-Thru events per month. The Ligure Club is participating and we need to thank them for their work and for the donation of the profits to pay our monthly building costs. We are getting better at delivering the meals and I think that people really enjoy the food. I know I do. It has also been an opportunity, although small one, for members to connect with the club and we are greeting them with warmth.
Without getting into all of the details, you can guess that we are losing money every month. The fixed costs at the club are greater than the net income we are currently getting. Some of our Drive-Thru customers have been leaving tips and calling it a donation to the club. Thanks to all of them. You need to know that all of us preparing and delivering the food are volunteers so we are keeping our costs pretty low. We got lucky last month when I was contacted by PG&E regarding our parking lots. PG&E has a gas pipeline project in south Berkeley that needs secure place for laying down supplies. The Fratellanza Club has signed a lease to provide PG&E half of our west lot until Christmas. We will be paid $5,495 for this use of our lot.
We have some fun events coming up at the club that you will enjoy. Please keep watching and you will find out about more Drive-Thru events.
Roland Lazzarotto Chairman