From our Chairman – November 2020

Greetings to the Fratellanza members,
It has been nine months since the Corona virus hit us. The club has figured a way, with the support of a lot of members, to stay in business with our Drive-Thru lunches and dinners. We are able to earn enough to pay all of our bills except for the property tax bill, so we will survive until the club can reopen. We have worked these events with the Ligure Club, who has shown up with a lot of volunteers preparing the meals. They have contributed time, salamis & more. As we move forward the two clubs will figure out a way to manage the property and you will learn more about how we will work hand in hand with the Ligure Club to make major improvements.
In addition to serious health issues, this COVID shutdown has really impacted a lot of people and a lot of businesses. Some of us have been pushed into an early retirement, which is not the worst that could happen. In my case it has delayed my retirement. Since I can’t travel I will keep working part time. I am sad that I have had to cancel two trips to Italy this year. One was going to be the trip of a lifetime for some of my cousins who I was going to escort on a trip to our fathers’ birthplace & then see the highlights of Italy; including Venice, Florence, Siena, Cinque Terre & Rome. That is as much as we could squeeze in to 17 days. The other trip was scheduled to be with the Fratellanza Club; a trip to Rome, Amalfi coast & amazing Greek ruins further south. I have sent in my notice that I want to be in the group that goes there next September. Who knows if it will happen. One bit of good news now is the vaccine from Pfizer will soon be distributed to first responders & then to us old folks. I will be first in line when my turn comes.
Most of the Club activities have not been possible to continue during COVID such as member meetings and indoor dining. However we have been holding Board meetings to stay on top of club management. One important annual Board task was accomplished this month & that is the vote for the Award of Merit. We had four strong candidates & there was a clear winner. I accepted a couple of confidential notes, a voicemail & 8 emails and the result is in. We usually present this award during our Anniversary Dinner. There is no assurance that we will have that dinner in 2021 but we will make the presentation never the less to a very deserving winner.
The Ladies Club has come up with a creative way to keep the Santa Claus event going. This year it will be a drive thru event with Santa & elves presenting gifts to children in their cars as they pass through. Another creative idea is the Hot Dog and Beer Sale Rich Vila has organized. This is another way to have members come by the club & it let’s us exchange our beer inventory for cash.
This is the time of year when we are open to accepting member’s dues. I have heard from a member that some members will ask what the club has done for them this year. We did not have any free dinners & no bocce league. Will members drop out of the club? I am not worried about that. I think members will remember the good times they have had with family & friends at the club. I think about what our parent’s generation did to build the club and I am amazed at their accomplishments. I think that there are many more members today who will not ask what the club has done for them but what they can do for the club. To those members, I salute you and I thank you because without you we will not have a club.
Let me finish on an upbeat note. I think it will take a lot of time and effort to work it out, but the future of the Fratellanza Club with the Ligure Club is very bright.
Ciao and see you at the Drive Thru events.
Roland Lazzarotto
Chairman of the Board