From our Chairman – January 2021

Auguri a miei Fratelli della Fratellanza,
This seems like a good time to summarize how the club is doing financially and I have some good news. First I want to tell you the main reasons why our accounts are in the black.
1. Volunteers have stepped up. With our president leading the way, we have a long list of volunteers who have done a lot of work. We have the cooks and kitchen helpers and the reservation managers. We have the Ligure Club members who are volunteering at the Drive-
Thrus. We have our financial team keeping the books and paying the bills.
2. Members are paying their dues. We are on track to get dues paid similar to years past. This is critical to our success.
3. Members are showing up at the Drive-Thru meals. We have figured out how to run them better and we will publish the dates and menus in advance for the next six months, since it is clear this Covid-19 will be with us for a while.
4. The Ligure Club has stepped up in a big way. Not only are Ligure members volunteering, but the Ligure Club has put our loan payments on hold until we get through this mess.
Here are some financial statistics. These numbers are pretty accurate and you can trust them, but I offer the caveat that they have not been audited.
Our income from April through November 2020 was about
$57,000. Our expenses during that time were about $50,000. Primarily from the Drive-Thru events we kept the club in the black, however we also got donations and some rental income from the PG&E use of our west parking lot.
I think you will agree that the Club is managing its way through this pandemic. We are like many restaurants that are surviving with To Go meals. In addition, we have members who are paying their annual dues which, as you can imagine, is crucial to our success. Let me close with this request. We need our members to pay their dues and we need more people to participate in our Drive-Thru events. The food is good and plentiful and the process is now pretty smooth when you come pick up your order. I look forward to a much better year in 2021. Stay safe and soon I will see you at the club.
Roland Lazzarotto