From our President – January 2021

Membri della Fratellanza,
Buon Anno my Friends, I am making a special announcement since we cannot have our Anniversary Dinner at the Club in January; It is that our Award of Merit Winner this year is our most recent past President, Long time Member, long time Board member & Officer, and one who has given his heart to the Fratellanza Club, and is admired by a lot of people, Tim Tomei. Congratulations Tim! Tim will be receiving his handsomely fitted wristwatch at our Board meeting on January 5th. If we are lucky enough to open the club later this year, we will do an acknowledgement in person with Tim following our traditions at the club. So in lieu of the Anniversary Dinner this year, we will be having a Drive-thru Anniversary Dinner. The menu will be Crab Salad, Ravioli with marinara sauce, Roast Beef with vegetables, & Cannoli. I ask for your continued support on our Drive-thou events. I expect no less than 375 Reservations, can you do this for the Fratellanza Club? I have also planned for a Drive-thru Crab Dinner in February; we will be getting the Crab from the same supplier that we had last year (recommended to us by the Ligure Club). We are gearing up to have at least 500 people! Can we expect you to participate in these special events, along with our Drive-thru Lunches?
Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita.
May you be blessed, and God bless you in your lifetime.
Rich Vila