From the Chairman – March 2021

Hello Fratellanza Family,
I see the light at the end of the tunnel. To use another cliché, I can see the hump ahead and after we get over it, it will be all downhill after that. I am referring to the pandemic. I know that Dr. Fauci can’t predict the future but it looks like we will be safe by the end of this summer. I am getting my second shot in early March and the supply is finally catching up to the demand. I know that we will be probably wearing masks into 2022 but I’ve made plans to go to Italy May 2022. We need to look ahead with optimism.
We will have to wait for the county health department to tell us when we can reopen our Club. For now we are making plans to continue with the Drive Thru events until August. We will keep our eyes open and, when the time comes, we will give the Club a thorough cleaning and get people back for meals, parties, bocce and more. For now, get your vaccination and stay safe.
Roland Lazzarotto