May 2021 – From the Chairman

Auguri a tutti,

Are we making progress with vaccinations? I hope so. We can’t say when the club will reopen for dinners but the Board is starting to make plans to do so. The County Health Department will issue guidelines. We will need to know in advance in order to sanitize and line up staff. My guess is that our first dinner back will be on July 25, a Sunday afternoon. I hope that the governor is right about June 15 being a good date because that will give us a month to get ready. How vaccinated will California be in two months? Does 70% give us herd immunity? Looking ahead is kind of fun. I have committed to the Club’s next trip to Italy in April 2022. That will be my first group trip and I am sure it will be great. Voglio andare in Italia e parlare solo Italiano per due settimane. Non so se posso farlo ma sono sicuro che parlero meglio quando ritorno.

Ciao cari amici,
Roland Lazzarotto