From our Board Chairman – August 2022

Looking back at July I see that I attended a Ladies Club dinner & two Men’s Club dinners. All of the events were well attended, we all got to enjoy good meals & some friendship with some folks we have not seen in a while. I also enjoyed the Friday Luncheon. It seems like we are slowly getting people back into the club. In August we will have more dinners as described elsewhere in the newsletter.

We will also have what has been an annual work weekend where members, the ladies, spouses & friends come down to the club for a day & work on simple tasks. This month it will be Saturday August 13. I expect to see some ceramic tile repair, window washing, weed pulling, reorganizing our storage in the basement & more. Please come for the day or half a day & help out. The club really needs it after a couple of pandemic years with reduced activity & deferred maintenance.

We usually stop for lunch & have a nice spuntino at midday. See you there,

Roland Lazzarotto