From Our President – November 2022

“Membri della Fratellanza”,
“Dolcetto O Scherzetto”, as we finish October & what a busy month this was for the Club. Thanks to all who helped & all those that enjoyed. This is a team effort & the bigger the team the better we will be. To remind you we are having our elections this coming Tuesday the 1st of November & we would like as many members as possible attend our meeting to enjoy Spuntino & cast your votes for a New President. I am endorsing my 1st Vice President for the last 4 years & a person that has held many board & officer positions over the years, Ron Blair. Hoping to see members there that I haven’t seen recently.

Our 1st Birthday dinner is on the 3rd of November & is being chaired by Danny Patterson. He has chosen to have Frat Salad, Rigatoni with Meat sauce, Beef Scaloppini, Vegetables & dessert.

The 2nd Birthday dinner is on the 17th of November, chaired by the Board. We will be having Frat Salad, Ravioli, & Roast Beef, vegetables, & dessert. Our Friday Luncheon on the 18th of November is a Drive Thru & they will be having Salad, Pasta with Meat Sauce, & Sausage & Peppers.

We continue to have a lot going on at the Club & I continue to ask for your support. Please try to make it this coming month to enjoy our food & people.

Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita.
May you be blessed & God bless you in your lifetime.
Rich Vila