From the President – August 2023

Hello all:

We are in the early part of summer, the heat is here, the nights are very pleasant & we just finished a killer BBQ & dance that was enjoyed by all that attended.

We have a number of upcoming events that will be equally enjoyable so sit back & get ready to “Rock & Roll.” In order, here are our events on calendar for August:

August 3rd will be our first birthday dinner of the month chaired by the Board of Directors so plan on attending for a great dinner, a few stories, perhaps some beers & cocktails & camaraderie for everyone.

On Sunday, August 6th is our Scholarship Golf Tournament. If you have not already signed up with your foursome there is still time. Also, if you want to join us for dinner after the tournament please make your dinner reservations. Steve Taddei is co-chair for this event, please reach out to him with any questions.

On Saturday August 12th we will be holding our first American Graffiti Night with killer entertainment & one of our own participating with the band. We have planned a great menu with a couple of surprises, the music will be outrageous & will bring back some memories of years gone by & it will bring new memories that we will enjoy until we do it again next year. Please dress accordingly, look in the secret parts of your closet where you kept your penny loafers, your tight pants with a skinny belt & dresses that memorialized that era. For those of us that went through the 50’s & 60’s it was a wonderful time that will never happen again. Dial phones, phone numbers like Lockhaven 8,0,6,9,6, party lines, limited TV channels, drive in movies (front or back seat in your car) & many enjoyable moments. So, get your group of guests together & make your reservations, it will be a great night.

On Thursday August 17th Pat Geoghegan & his crew will be chairing our second Birthday dinner & Pat always does an outstanding job at this dinner so please join the crowd, make your reservations for this dinner & enjoy the fun this evening will provide.

On Saturday afternoon August 26 Blue Dog Entertainment will be hosting an outrageous Poker Tournament chaired by Dave Ceccanti. This is a new event for our Club. You can participate with your sneaky poker skills or just watch as the competitors try & outwit each other in this tournament. There’s more; Even if you do not feel up to the “poker challenge,” there is food, the bar is open & you can cheer on your “favorite” as they navigate to the CASH prizes for first, second & third place in this tournament. Plan on attending, seating is limited.

Now, go out there & do the right thing, it’s the right thing to do.

Ron Blair