From our President – April 2020

Membri della Fratellanza,
I know a lot of you can’t believe what is going on, don’t think that it is real, or it won’t affect you, but believe me this is Real, and we have to maintain a level head as we move forward with our lives. The one thing that we hopefully can take away from this is for us all to have better hygiene. Short of that the Club will be closed for the Month of April and I ask that you all say a prayer or two for members of your family that they stay safe, along with a Hail Mary for Italy in the dealing with the Virus. I am hoping that we will be able to open the Club back up in May 2020.
Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita. May you be blessed, and God bless you in your lifetime.
Rich Vila

From our Board Chairman – April 2020

Hello Fratelli del Fratellanza,
The Global Coronavirus Pandemic has caused us to shut down the club until the end of April. We will let people know more as soon as we can.
Let me cover a couple of other items: A Big thanks to Dave Ceccanti and John Barassi!
If you have been at the club recently you noticed the new warning signs advising people not to leave items visible in their parked vehicles. These two members took it upon themselves to design and fabricate all of the signs and install them in multiple locations in both parking lots. Please thank them when you see them. We need more good members like these two who can volunteer a little time to the club.
Simplifying our Waste Stream – You all know that we have three bins picked up by Waste Management every week. Compost, recycling, and trash. In the past few years we have been hit by overcharges by WM for various reasons. It seems that our recycling program is too complicated for the dozens of people who work and volunteer at the club so we are going to make it simple. Only cardboard boxes and beverage bottles will be recycled. That means we are going to get rid of all recycle containers in the building. Our guests and workers from now on will only need to decide if the item is compost or trash. I will be hosting presentations to all of the waiters, cooks and dishwashers when we return from the virus hiatus.
Stay safe and we hope to see you soon when we reopen. Auguri di buona salute a tutti.
Roland Lazzrotto