From the President – January 2022

“Membri della Fratellanza”,

As 2021 closes and 2022 begins, I truly do not know where to begin.
This past year has put me to the test of working my tail off, putting my heart & soul into & for the benefit of, the Fratellanza Club – so that we can stay alive & not go down the tube.

As January starts, I am again Asking for your Support & Help to make this club what it is, Great Food, Great People & Great Respect.

I want to shout out a special thanks to All of the Cooks, Cooks Helpers, Waiters, Ticket Sellers, Dishwashers, Bartenders, Officers, Board Members, & Sina Nicoletti for all that you have done to Help this Club to survive through 2021 and continue into 2022.

Happy New Year & please do not forget about the Great food that we will be having in January with our Special 90th Anniversary Dinner on January 22nd.

Please make it a point to support the Fratellanza Club.

Che voi siete benedetti e Dio vi benedica nella vostra vita.
May you be blessed & God bless you in your lifetime.

Rich Vila

From the Chairman – January 2022

Auguri alla Famiglia Fratellanza,

Happy New Year is a familiar greeting at this time of the year &
after our two years of pandemic we are all hoping for a happier
year. None of us can predict the future. We can hope, plan & deal with what comes.

The Fratellanza Club will make it through 2022. We will continue with the Drive Thru meal events & we’ll try to also have successful indoor events. We hope to build on the growing success
of the few indoor events we had in late 2021. The club will stay open on Wednesday afternoons for a growing number of members, guests & eventually we will be past the worst of this.

In January the Club welcomes Bob Porta & Tony Jeffrey to our Board of Directors. In December we thanked Bill Wilson & Gary Piva for their Board contributions & we expect them to continue to contribute.

Please help spread the word that there are open slots for new members to join the club, both Italian & non-Italian. You can contact me to get an application emailed to you.

I am optimistic about this year. I think that the vaccinated will survive & eventually we will beat Covid back with regular booster shots like the flu. Last year there were some good days at the club. I remember a Saturday when a lot of members came out for a work weekend & we got the entire front façade of our building painted along with other improvements. I am working on a list of some significant things we can do this year.

Best wishes to all of us for a good 2022,
Roland Lazzarotto