From Our Board Chairman – May 2022

Cari Amici,

I have survived a week in the hospital with legionella pneumonia. I have been home taking antibiotics & I feel fine.

I am sorry to say I missed a fun trip to Italy with a Fratellanza group but thanks to all who sent me good wishes. I see they are sending us fun Facebook messages about their activities on the Amalfi Coast.

Due to the pandemic, I had another trip rescheduled so I am pretty sure I am going to Italy next Friday with 10 family members. I look forward to the next Fratellanza trip next year.

The Club continues to make progress. The drive thru events are well attended & due to much less overhead, thanks to all the volunteers, the club is making enough profit to pay our bills.

The Friday Luncheon Committee has decided to try an indoor lunch in July. The details need to be worked out with maybe some drive through customers as well. I think that so far people have been overjoyed at all of the indoor dinners we have had post pandemic.

The golf tournament is scheduled for July 24 with a dinner that afternoon.

I can’t predict how it will evolve but during the course of this year we are going to try to get back to normal with birthday dinners & family dinners.

We will try some new ideas but the main point is to get people back in to the club & socialize with family & friends. We took some time off during Covid & put some maintenance on hold.

This summer we will bring back a work weekend where members can take on tasks of their choosing & in a day or two we can refurbish & spruce up the place. The tasks are never too hard, you get to work with friends & the chance to see behind the scenes how things work is always good for members.

I will now raise a new topic that is pretty important for the club. It has always been the case that the club needs new members. We lose members every year for various reasons & we need to replace them. We could really use a recruitment committee but we do not have one. Instead of putting the burden on a small group of guys, why don’t we ask the entire membership to pitch in. We need every member to call their relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc & try to get a new member to join. Let’s try to have a membership drive & see if we can bring in a lot of new members. We need bartenders, cooks, waiters, kitchen assistants & more. Maybe we’ll get some of those positions filled by some new bodies.

Last comments for today. We think we can get the bocce league started up in the Fall. The cost is cheap & the fun is great. There is no experience necessary & I am often surprised at how a new player surprises us with natural talent. Maybe it is in their Italian DNA. It is one of the few sports activities that is enhanced by playing with a glass of wine in one hand.

Roland Lazzarotto