Bocce Ball Courts

The game of Bocce Ball has been enjoyed by many members over the years. Our club has hosted many tournaments and promoted many games among our members and guests.

A new bocce series, for the members of the Fratellanza and Ligure clubs, was created in 1996 to determine the best male and female player. This series, known as La Coppa Fratellanza (the Fratellanza Cup), has been a yearly contest since 2001.

In short, there are four tournaments during the year: two in the spring and two in the fall. Players are selected to play on a four-person team. Each individual tournament features new teams; no person plays with the same teammates during the yearly “season.” Points are recorded for those players who finish in the top three positions on a sliding scale. Points accrue over the season; with the best three out of four finishes recorded “officially.” In that way, those who miss a tournament due to illness, vacation, etc. can still be eligible to win a trophy.

At the conclusion of a season, points are tallied, the winner’s names are engraved onto the perpetual trophy. Each individual champion (male and female) also receives their own miniature trophy as well. Keep checking our monthly bulletins for dates when our leagues are forming.

What is Bocce?

Bocce is a competitive game of skill. It sharpens the reflexes and judgment – and stimulates good fellowship among players. It is played by young and old alike. It is very popular throughout the United States among Italian Americans who compose its greatest advocates and best players.

The purpose of the game is to roll the bocce, a 4½ inch ball weighing about three pounds, as close as possible to the pallino, a 1¾ inch ball which is rolled down the alley first. The bocce coming closest to the pallino scores. Twelve points constitute a game.

The game requires: good judgment of distance, the ability to size up a situation immediately, a good eye to spot contours and rough spots in the alley, and the proper psychological frame of mind.

Bocce fans claim the game helps improve their bowling, golf and shuffleboard because it has many features of these games in it. There is no age limit for the Bocce players. Many elderly citizens play the game for relaxation and exercise.

For many Italian Americans, Bocce is a nostalgic glimpse of the “old Country.” It brings to their minds a reminder of the proud Italian heritage of which they are a part. It’s a brief glance at “The Glory that was Rome.”

It is clear that, considering the weight of the balls and he distance they are thrown, apart from ability and precision that are the basis of the game, the game of “Bocce” also demands a certain amount of strength and stamina. The physical effort is notable above all for the “bowlers”. But for everyone – bowlers or pointers – the activity of “Bocce” revives all muscular movements throughout the body and particularly the arms, legs, and main trunk – constituting an excellent basic sport.

The game of “Bocce” is a crucible in which ages and social class fuse and disappear. On the court there are neither young people nor old people, neither workers, nor managers, neither laborers nor students.

The beginner can play with the veteran and the mechanic with the lawyer.

The exceptional democratic spirit of the game of “Bocce” is the basis on which its deeply peaceful character is founded. It is often the beginning of long friendships.