The Louis Biondi Scholarship

The Fratellanza Men’s Club offers Scholarship awards of one thousand dollars or more to qualified high school seniors who will be entering post-secondary education in the fall.  Applicants for the Louis C. Biondi Scholarship must be a child or grandchild of either a current member of the Fratellanza Men’s Club, or a deceased member who was a member at the time of his death.  All scholarships are paid through the financial aid office of the school of choice.  The post-secondary school may be any accredited public or private college, university, professional or vocational school, or conservatory.

The Scholarship Committee will select applicants based on:

  • Grade point average
  • Breadth of courses
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Work experience
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A personal essay

The Application process, with all of the information detailed above, must be completed by March 1 of the year of High School graduation.  Preliminary deadlines are listed on the application.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Process