How to Volunteer

Webster’s Dictionary gives the meaning of a volunteer as follows: One who enters into or offers oneself for a service of his/her own free will. The Fratellanza Club is built on the services of volunteers. Even those who are not members. People volunteer at the club because they see what a great institution it is and want to be a part of it. All who volunteer at the Fratellanza club find it to be a fun and rewarding experience. Be an integral part of the club and volunteer!

Waiting tables is an enjoyable way to meet people in the club while helping out the dinner chairman. Members are encouraged to get involved with the club. If you are interested in serving, please contact John Barassi at the Club to be put onto the list of servers.

Chair a Dinner – Have you ever wanted to pick your own menu for a birthday dinner, maybe your own? Becoming a dinner chairman gives you the power to not only select your own menu, but to claim the credit for a successful meal. Contact John Barassi at the Club for details.

Be a Bartender – Bartenders working at the Club are all members. The club has a need for afternoon and nighttime bartenders. Some training is required. Ask any bartender for more information. Both waiting tables and bartending are great ways to meet and work with other Club members. Volunteer bartenders will receive their share of any leftovers to take home and their spouse may dine for free. Spouses of paid waiters may dine for ½ price. Contact John Barassi at the Club

Contact the Chairman of the event or click here and volunteer to help!